Patrick Giguère, musician, composer


Patrick Giguère is a musician and composer from Quebec who believes that intuition, empathy and poetry are keys to solving the challenges of our century. His practice is motivated by personal and cultural identity quests, the fear of loosing traditional cultures, the need to reinvent our ways of life, the intensity of human relationships and the strength of nature. His main focus, instrumental and vocal written music, has expended in recent years. He now performs the cavaquinho and synthesizers. Improvisation and collaboration are increasingly important to his work.

Highlights of his career include his piece « Revealing » for the London Symphony Orchestra. It was premiered by Susanna Mälkki in 2018 at the Barbican and recorded in by François-Xavier Roth in 2020. He took part in the Generation 2018 Canadian Tour with ECM+ with his work « Inévitable idéalisme ». His piece « Le sel de la terre » was awarded the 3rd Serge-Garant Prize from the Fondation Socan in 2015, recorded by Thin Edge New Music Collective and broadcasted on BBC Radio 3 in 2017.

More recently, his collaborative work « Émettre un son, vérifier sa propre existence » was featured in the Picanto Festival of the Canadian Music Center in 2022. Ensemble Paramirabo premiered his ambitious vocal work « Lui » in 2021. He collaborated with forró accordionists in Bahia, Brazil, during a residency at the Goethe Institute Salvador in 2019.

Following his studies at Université Laval, he completed in 2018 a PhD at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK. Until 2021 he worked for organisations dedicated to the music of today, such as Ensemble Lunatik, Erreur de type 27, Codes d’accès and Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville. In addition to his career as a freelance musician, he will start a postdoctorate at Université de Montréal and Centre des musiciens du Monde in 2023.


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