Intimes exubérances - album launch

Patrick Giguère, musician, composer

Pianist Cheryl Duvall will perform Intimes exubérances, an ambitious hour-long work composed by Patrick Giguère in 2023. It will also be an occasion to celebrate the release of their eponym album.

« While touching upon a multitude of textures and colours, and spanning a vast duration, Intimes exubérances’ focus remains steadfast and unbroken throughout. For listeners, this sense is contagious, hypnotic even. The energy of each movement somehow explores intimacy and exuberance and the kaleidoscope of ways that these two opposites can be combined, which quite an emotional journey. The work is the result of a curious, tactile, and instinctual creative process, one that nurtures a playful and enjoyable physical relationship between Cheryl and the piano. The mutual trust that Cheryl and Patrick established during this project is instrumental in cementing the piece's unique affect. » - extracts from the album liner notes, by Nick Storring

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- Cheryl Duvall, piano

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Fondation LRDG, Montreal, Canada
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