Et maintenant

Patrick Giguère, musician, composer
instrumentation : string quartet

duration : 15'

year of composition : 2016

about :

Et maintenant is born from the desire to anchor myself in the here and now while composing, to remain sensitive to the musical material in front of me, to « listen to what it has to say »without projecting myself in the future. Instead of planning, I accept what each session has to offer and patiently collect what naturally comes out. The result is a linear succession of moments, different but all characterized by the freshness of discovery. This attitude to creation is inspired by the approach of composers like Michael Finnissy. In an interview, he explains : « I perceive the work as I’m writing it. […] I try to step back, as a painter might do from their canvas, to keep a sense of perspective when writing and not having a scheme dictating where you are supposed to be at every point. » During his composing process, he favors « a sensual response to the work, cutting, rearranging, dropping inserts in ». This is now central to my artistic practice.



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