Patrick Giguère, musician, composer
instrumentation : countertenor, barytone, flutes, bass clarinet, synthesizer, percussions, violin, cello

duration : 40'

year of composition : 2021

about :

Lui is composer Patrick Giguère’s last and most ambitious project. In progress since 2016, it reflects the journey of his artistic practice since then. Tasty, sensual, introspective and uninhibited, the music of Lui revisits many musical elements that obsess him, but also opens new creative paths. Lui is created for an in collaboration with the musicians of Ensemble Paramirabo, with whom Patrick developed rich artistic and human relationships in the last decade, as well as singers Vincent Ranallo and Jean-François Daigneault. Lui sets in music a patchwork of texts about homosexual love written by authors from different eras and countries, in an attempt to highlight the universality and singularity of themes across time and space.


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