Laisser surgir

Patrick Giguère, musician, composer
instrumentation : percussions

duration : 16'

year of composition : 2022

about :

Laisser vibrer (to let ring)... is the starting point of this work; the gesture of hitting the metal, its resulting sound moving through time and space, evolving harmonically. As the music relentlessly progresses, the gongs drag the listener into a sonorous universe made of sustained resonances with rich, shimmering and unique timbres. In fact, the musical material emerged from the gongs themselves : I listened attentively (and painstakingly !) to the sonic particularities of each gong in David’s arsenal, selected the ones that had a synergy with one another and composed melodies and harmonies that allowed them to sing. Laisser surgir is a good example of my creative process: working patiently through trial and error, being sensitive to the musical material, exploring several directions simultaneously and welcoming the unexpected. One day the work emerges, a music that could be no other way arises, where each measure is different from the next while still sharing the same DNA. It’s a truly electrifying feeling, it’s probably why I keep writing !



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