Ces choses que l'on croyait endormies

Patrick Giguère, musician, composer
instrumentation : flute, clarinet, percussions, violin, cello

duration : 15'00''

year of composition : 2013

about :

The work «Ces choses que l’on croyait endormies» - the things we thought (hoped?) were asleep in english - is the result of a profound introspection and a process of self affirmation. In a certain way, it musically pictures the calm before the storm, made inevitable by deciding to face one’s demons and take ownership of one’s life. It plunges the listener into a comfortable, known, predictable musical world, but always with an underlying tension that announces that big changes and tumultuous times are coming. « Ces choses que l’on croyait endormies » is a turning point in the evolution of my musical language. While working on this piece, I was trying to create music that was tasty, distilled, that clearly expresses its essence to the listener, without detour, authentic. Clear musical discourse and seducing aesthetic remains central to my music today. With this work I also wanted to feature the impressive expressivity of the musicians of Paramirabo and their timbral virtuosity. They are precious allies and friends and this piece is dedicated to them.



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