Folksongs for Today - CrossCurrents Festival 2016

Patrick Giguère, musician, composer

Judith Weir - The Sweet Primroses
Found in Translation - Daria Dobrochna Kwiatkowksa
Scott Wilson - Grocery Skipping Song
Federico Favali - Quando passai di qui era di notte
Charlotte Bray - Por que tu nao acorda?
Ed Bennett - Return
Joe Cuter - Silver Dagger
Richard Baker - Titrwn Tatrwm
Patrick Giguère - Marianne s'en va-t-au moulin
Michael Zev Gordon - Yankele
Howard Skempton - There is a Tavern in the Town

participating artist(s)
- Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, ensemble
- Christopher Yates, viola
- Lucy Schaufer, mezzo-soprano
- Marie-Christine Zupancic, flute
- Oliver Janes, clarinet
- Richard Baker, conductor
- Zoe Martlew, cello

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Elgar Concert Hall at University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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