Patrick Giguère
musician, composer


Laisser surgir

percussions, 16'

Laisser vibrer (to let ring)... is the starting point of this work; the gesture of hitting the metal, its resulting sound moving through time and space, evolving harmonically. As the music relentlessly progresses, the gongs drag the listener into a sonorous universe made of sustained resonances with rich, shimmering and unique timbres. In fact, t

Performed by : - David Therrien Brongo -

Intimes exubérances

piano, 55'

Intimes exubérances in an ambitious hour-long work that carries the listener in one breath during a whole concert. It proposes a listening experience that is sometimes delicate and introspective, sometimes striking and intense. The work is built with musical material that I patiently collected in the intimacy of my practice and heavily influenced by the immediacy and the physicality of improvisation. As I was searching for my own won Read more

Performed by : - Cheryl Duvall -

émettre un son, vérifier sa propre existence

cavaquinho, harp, cello, doublebass, horn, diatonic accordion, synthesizer, 35'

« Confronter le silence, émettre un son, c’est vérifier sa propre existence » affirme le compositeur japonais Toru Takemitsu, dont l’essai Confronting Silence a grandement inspiré ce projet, autant dans sa genèse, son processus créatif - réalisé dans un esprit de collaboration entre tous les participant·es - que dans son expression poétique. Read more

Performed by : - Patrick Giguère - Daniel Àñez - Alexandra Tibbitts - Hugo Rinfret-Paquet - Laurence Latreille-Gagné - Louis Charbonneau - Marie-Loup Cottinet -


symphony orchestra, 7'

‘Fragile, yet determined’: the first words in Giguère’s score tell us much about what the work has in store. This is music about exposure and disclosure, of layers being gradually stripped away and of the determination and confidence that this process demands. ‘The p Read more

Performed by : - François-Xavier Roth - London Symphony Orchestra -

Le sel de la terre

flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello, 12'

Le sel de la terre was written for Thin Edge New Music Collective and Paramirabo’s Raging against the machine Canadian Tour. My understanding of the «machine» in this context is the consumer-oriented society in which we live. With the help of publicity, mass culture, entertainment as well as traditional and social medias, «the machine» influences our lives by setting standards for success, happiness, body image, etc. By doing so, by pushing us to play pre-determined roles, like gears in a mechanism, it ensures its continuation. However, some people like activists, artists, craftsmen, community workers, organic farmers are raging against the machine by choosing to put their values, their passion and their sense of community in front of money, fame and entertainment. The writer Samuel Archibald, in his essay Le sel de la terre, calls these people «le sel de la terre», and it is to them that I want to pay tribute. With this work, I tried to bring into existence, for a few minutes, a world without the p Read more

Performed by : - Thin Edge New Music Collective -


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